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Metaphysical meaning of Guni (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Guni (mbd)
Guni, gu'-nl (Heb.)--colored; dyed; tinted; tinged; painted; overlaid; protected.

a Son of Naphtali, who was one of Jacob's twelve sons (Gen. 46:24). b A Gadite, and father of Abdiel (I Chron. 5:15)

Meta. Colored, dyed, painted, tinged, all suggest a taking on of some foreign idea or substance. In this case the qualities of strength (Naphtali) and power (Gad) are involved. These qualities are inherently spiritual, but in coming into expression in the outer, physical, sense man who does not yet understand his inner spiritual origin and reality, these divine qualities become tinged with and colored by material ideas until they appear to be material, limited, transient, capable of error results as well as of good. Nevertheless, they are protected in individual consciousness by Spirit, until man awakens to the understanding that Spirit is the source and substance of all; then his strength and power, as well as all his other faculties of mind, become established in Spirit and express righteously and harmoniously only. Thus they become abiding, all-conquering.

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