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Metaphysical meaning of Gezer (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Gezer (mbd)
Gezer (A.V., II Samuel 5:25, Gazer), ge'-zer (Heb.)--sharply cut off; precipitous; steep; sharp; a precipice; a sentence; decree, especially of destiny or f ate.

An old Canaanitish city that was allotted to Ephraim, and by the Ephraimites was given over to the Levites. The children of Ephraim failed to drive the Canaanites entirely from this city (Josh. 16:10; 21:21).

Meta. The subjective life forces (Canaanites) given over to the domination and use of the senses become Gezer--a precipice to man, a very steep and dangerous place over which he is liable to pitch headlong to destruction if he gives himself over entirely to the desire for sensation.

In vain does the will (Ephraim) fight for victory against this phase of activity; in vain does the will pronounce sentence upon it and decree its overthrow. Sense activity is not overcome by condemnation and by repression through will power, especially since at this phase of his unfoldment the individual subconsciously still holds to the old race belief that man is destined to continue subject to sense so long as he lives on earth in a physical body. It takes the forgiving, harmonizing, cleansing, redeeming power of divine love (the Levites here suggest this) to make the necessary change in consciousness, that the life energy may be turned to good use and that all the forces of the mind and the body may be transmuted into spiritual substance and life.

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