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Metaphysical meaning of Gabbatha (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Gabbatha (mbd)
Gabbatha, gab'-ba-tha (Heb.)--elevated place; arched; vaulted; domed; proud; a knoll.

A place in Jerusalem called "The Pavement" (John 19:13). It was in this place, on the judgment seat, that Pilate sentenced Jesus to be crucified.

Meta. The place in the intellect (elevated place, arched, vaulted, domed, proud; The Pavement, a hard state of thought) where the carnal will, or ruling principle of sense consciousness (Pilate), passes sentence upon the spiritual manifestation of man (Jesus) and bars it from consciousness. In the end, however, it is only the sensual that can be killed out. Spiritual man and his manifestations cannot be destroyed; they simply rise to greater power as the sensual dies and so gives place to the divine.

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