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Metaphysical meaning of Euraquilo (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Euraquilo (mbd)
Euraquilo (A.V., Euroclydon), euraq'-ui-lo (Gk.)--northeast wind.

A very strong and stormy northeast wind that is experienced at times in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea and countries that border on it. The storm that arose when the Roman soldiers were taking Paul to Rome to appear before Cæsar was called the Euraquilo (Acts 27:14).

Meta. The tempest or brain storm that sometimes arises in one's mind because of the introduction of the word of Truth (Paul) into the material thoughts and beliefs of the intellectual consciousness. (The countries of Bible times that bordered on the eastern, southeastern, and northeastern parts of the Mediterranean Sea refer, for the greater part, to the intellect or head in man.)

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