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Metaphysical meaning of Eliphelehu (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Eliphelehu (mbd)
Eliphelehu (A.V., Elipheleh), e-hph'e-leh-u (Heb.)--whom God makes distinguished; distinguished by God; who is consecrated to God; a miracle of God.

One who played the harp when David had the Ark brought up to Jerusalem from the house of Obed-edom (I Chron. 15:18, 21).

Meta. He who is consecrated to God in thought and act is in turn exalted by God, is distinguished above his fellows. This is true also of our inner thoughts and activities that give their love and substance to the building up of our spiritual consciousness; they produce a harmony, a joy, and a melody that is heaven; they attain a high place within us in establishing the divine nature throughout our whole being--this is the significance of Eliphelehu.

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