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Metaphysical meaning of Elead (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Elead (mbd)
Elead, e'-le-ad (Heb.)--duration of God; God's time; witness of God; testament of God; beauty of God; perfection of God; praise of God.

A son, or descendant, of Ephraim. He was killed by the men of Gath, "because they came down to take away their cattle" (I Chron. 7:21).

Meta. The understanding that the will of man (Ephraim stands for the will) has its inception in God, is in truth spiritual, and in its true expression is perfect and enduring, even as God is perfect and enduring. In this phase of unfoldment the individual does not really comprehend the necessity for consciously unifying his will with the divine will that it may express spiritually; he applies the Truth as it is revealed to him to the human aspect of the will as directed by the personal man. The result is that, because of the warring of the senses (men of Gath--Philistines) against the better judgment of the will, the substance and strength (cattle) of the will are taken away from it and this phase of it, which is represented by Elead, dies--that is, it sinks back into the subconscious mind until further spiritual unfoldment in the individual makes possible its reappearance and its perfect development.

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