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Metaphysical meaning of Eldad (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Eldad (mbd)
Eldad, el'-dad (Heb.)--whom God loveth; loved of God; stirred by Godnourished by God.

One of the seventy elders of Israel whom Moses chose. at the word of Jehovah, to help him "bear the burden of the people" (Num. 11:16, 17). Eldad did not go with Moses to the tent of meeting, but the Spirit of the Lord came upon him in the camp, and he prophesied there; whereupon Moses expressed a desire that all Jehovah's people (meaning the Israelites) might be prophets and that Jehovah would put His Spirit upon them all (Num. 11: 26-29).

Meta. The love of God, or the perception of God as love. Belief in law (Moses) in its apparently hard aspect of cause and effect, and its outer "thou shalt," and "thou shalt not," is not sufficient to meet the needs of our thought people. A knowledge of God as love is necessary, that a right adjustment may he made in consciousness and that the individual may be stirred by God, caused to become loving and kind.

Love stays in the camp; it abides among the thought people, in the body consciousness, that are being lifted to higher ideals. Love is not supposed to be a prophet, an expounder of Truth. It is looked upon by man in his first awakening to spirituality as being a negative quality and as being something personal; but when it is perceived to be divine, universal, it pours out its rays of light and healing to the whole being, and Moses (the directive phase of the outworking of the law) recognizes its true worth and power. By the action of the law in union with love, a desire is awakened throughout the individual that all the divine qualities and the spiritual thoughts in him may perceive their rightful places in Spirit and actively aid in bringing about the spiritualization of the whole man.

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