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Metaphysical meaning of Eker (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Eker (mbd)
Eker, e'-ker (Heb.)--plucked up; uprooted; eradicated; rendered barren; useless; transplanted; foreign; foreigner, i.e., one transplanted to a foreign soil.

Son of Ram, descended from Hezron grandson of Judah (I Chron. 2:27).

Meta. A thought or tendency that is a foreigner; it is alien in character to the true praise consciousness (Judah) with which it is identified. Ram, father of Eker, means lifted up, made high, extolled, and signifies the exalting of true understanding in consciousness. (See ARAM.) Eker, however, suggests an intellectual belief that is accepted by the individual as a true spiritual inspiration, but proves in the end to be barren; it brings forth no fruit to eternal life and good, because it is not really founded in Spirit, but falls short of the Truth.

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