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Metaphysical meaning of Ekron (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Ekron (mbd)
Ekron, ek'-ron (Heb.)--rooting out; extermination; expatriation; migration; naturalization.

One of the five cities, or states, of the Philistines in Canaan. It was taken by Judah and was allotted to Judah (Judg. 1:18). When the Ark of God was carried by the Philistines to this place, great consternation and trouble were caused (I Sam. 5:10-12).

Meta. The belief of the sense consciousness in man (the Philistines) that nothing is or can be abiding and eternal on earth. This aggregation of thoughts, which Ekron represents, judges according to the outer senses and decides that man is purely human and physical, something entirely unlike and apart from God. It thinks therefore that man must die and go to heaven (migrate from this earth), where he will become a citizen of the heavenly kingdom (by naturalization only, and not by right of birth). The average Christian does not recognize his divine origin and sonship; he thinks that when he is converted he becomes a child of God by adoption, but he does not seem to consider the fact that he was made in the image and likeness of God in the beginning, and has always been a son even while wasting his substance in 'a far country."

When the outer sense man (Philistines) takes over the original spark of divinity in man (the Ark of God) and tries to handle it according to his limited ideas and beliefs, he gets himself into great trouble and affliction; he would be exterminated (the Philistines died in great numbers in every place where they took the Ark) if he did not send the Ark quickly from his realm of thought. Where Truth is established, sense beliefs and activities cannot remain; they are rooted out.

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