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Metaphysical meaning of Dothan (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Dothan (mbd)
Dothan, do'-than (Heb.)--two wells; double cisterns; edicts; decrees; laws; customs; double feasts.

a The place where Joseph found his brethren when his father sent him to see how they were faring, and where his brethren conspired against him and sold him into Egypt (Gen. 37:17-2X). b The place where Elisha was when the Assyrians came to take him (II Kings 6:13). It was here at Dothan that the Spirit of the Lord, in response to Elisha's request, showed his servant the hosts of God that were defending them. Then the eyes of the Assyrians were blinded, and Elisha led them away into Samaria, where their eyes were opened again. This caused them to cease troubling Israel at that time.

Meta. The law of Being, compared to custom (edicts, decrees, laws, customs). Two wells, double cisterns, double feasts, denote the double standard of thought that man holds regarding his life and substance. The customary beliefs lead to limited, warped experiences, while an understanding of the true law of Being increases the activity of the power of God in one's life; understanding makes one conscious of that activity, also. The customary belief is exemplified in the significance of Joseph's brethren's conspiring against him and selling him into Egypt; the result of true understanding is shown in the deliverance of Elisha and his servant.

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