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Metaphysical meaning of circumcision (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of circumcision (mbd)
circumcision (Lat.)--cutting off.

Meta. Circumcision, as referred to in the Old Testament, is an external ceremony practiced by the Jews to indicate a certain conformity to the Mosaic law. It is symbolical of the cutting off of mortal tendencies, and is indicative of purification and cleanliness. Under the law of Jesus Christ, circumcision is fulfilled in its spiritual meaning--the purification of the individual from the law of sin and death. One is circumcised in the true inner significance of the word only by being thoroughly purified in soul. Then the glory of the inner soul cleansing and purifying works out into the outer consciousness and the body and sets one free from all sensual, corruptible thoughts and activities. Thus man becomes a new creature in Christ Jesus, he manifests wholeness and perfection throughout his being.

When one has entered into the realization of the spirit of divine law, the symbol is no longer necessary to soul growth. "Circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit not in the letter" (Rom. ?:29). He who keeps the precepts of divine law, and seeks to embody the principles of Truth in mind, body, and affairs, is circumcised unto the Lord, which is the essential purification.

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