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Metaphysical meaning of chosen people (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of chosen people (mbd)
chosen people.

Meta. Along with the doctrine of hell and eternal punishment, there came into the theological world a very warped idea of a "chosen people." In the minds of certain churchmen and their followers the belief became general that God chose certain people to be saved in heaven, and elected the remainder of the race to eternal damnation. There is not the slightest foundation in the Bible for such a belief.

There is, however, a beautiful teaching about a chosen people. In all the history of this race God has at different times chosen certain ones to do a certain work. Sometimes He made the choice of an individual, as Moses, Elijah, and Paul. Early in recorded history He chose Abraham, and then his family, and then the whole race of Abraham's descendants. This race of people were called Israelites and they were chosen for a special purpose in God's plan of blessing for all men. They have been watched over, kept, guarded, guided, and disciplined by the Most High in a marvelous way, that the seed of faith in the one true God might be kept alive and nourished in men and that a people might be prepared through whom His kingdom would be established upon the earth.

But the "chosen people" of the greatest importance are the class described by Peter in his first letter: "Ye are an elect race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for God's own possession, that ye may show forth the excellencies of him who called you out of darkness into his marvellous light."

The calling of Israel was justified when out of Israel came Jesus Christ, the world's deliverer and Savior. The ministry that He began in Palestine has been going on for two thousand years, and has not yet reached its completion. His great work of restitution calls for a company of tried and trained and spiritually developed people to work with Him in establishing His glorious kingdom of righteousness and peace upon the earth; these people are now being made ready. We are living in the times of restitution. Out of this generation the royal priesthood of those that are to reign as kings and priests (Rev. 1: 5, 6; 5:10, A.V.) will come. These people will be the beginning of the holy nation that is to fill all the earth with its glory. They are now the light of the world, and their light will increase until all the dark places of the earth are lighted up. By overcoming they are incorporating into their own consciousness the attributes, the virtues, of God, and are therefore becoming more and more the living expression of His righteousness and glory. They make up the Christ body that is so wonderfully described by Paul. Through them the world is to receive its restitutional blessings, and Jesus Christ shall be glorified as the King of this whole earth.

In individual consciousness "people" represent thoughts. Our "chosen people" are our spiritually enlightened and obedient thoughts. As fast as the various states of consciousness and thoughts in us become awakened by the inner Christ light and change their activities to accord with Truth, they enter the ranks of the "chosen people."

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