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Metaphysical meaning of Chenaanah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Chenaanah (mbd)
Chenaanah, che-na'-a-nah (Heb.)--existing in and for material things; trafficker in material things; a merchant; the basis of things; low; inferior.

a Son of Bilhan, of the tribe of Benjamin; he was one of the "heads of their fathers' houses," and a mighty man of valor (I Chron. 7:10, 11). b The father of Zedekiah, a false prophet (I Kings 22:11).

A humble and lowly phase of thought, one that is commercial in its tendencies (low, a merchant). It is willing to trade ideas with other states of mind, with other faculties and qualities in consciousness. This phase of thought, united to an active, accomplishing faith in God (Benjamin), makes "a mighty man of valor," a strong, brave, uplifting, and upbuilding force in man.

In the case of the other Chenaanah, who was the father of Zedekiah, a false prophet, the commercial thought that he signifies partakes of a baseness of character that tends to materialize the whole consciousness (existing in and for material things; inferior; the basis of things, that is, of materiality).

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