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Metaphysical meaning of Chenani (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Chenani (mbd)
Chenani, chen'-a-n (Heb.)--whom Jehovah has set; Jehovah has planted; Jah has established; Jehovah is firm; whom Jah protects; Jehovah covers.

A Levite; he was one of those who led the Israelites in the devotional service that followed the reading of the law to them by Ezra (Neh. 9:4).

Meta. The belief in man's higher, religious, or spiritual thoughts that he is of God, has come into manifest existence by the will of God--through the action of Jehovah, the Lord God, or Christ--and is established in his rightful place by Jehovah, wherein he is divinely sustained and protected (Jehovah has planted, Jah has established, whom Jah protects, Jehovah covers). This understanding and this acknowledgment are a very necessary factor in all true worship and in the cleansing of the consciousness.

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