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Metaphysical meaning of Caphtor (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Caphtor (mbd)
Caphtor is connected with Egypt, also with the Philistines (Deut. 2:23; Jer. 47:4); it is thought that its inhabitants came formerly from Egypt and were descendants of a son of Ham. Caphtor was primarily the country or principal seat of the Philistines, the Philistines being of the same race as the Caphtorim or Mizraites.

Meta. The evolution (converted, changed) that is constantly taking place in the hidden depths (covered and surrounded, a covered cup) of man's seemingly physical being (the Caphtorites, being descendants of Ham, represent the physical in man). A covered cup, covered and surrounded, the cupped hands, also suggest the warmth, the tenderness, the brooding quality of God's love; the loving care of the Father extends even to the phase of man that he has named physical and mortal. The crowning point of man's unfoldment Godward (covered with a crown, capital of a column) is the lifting up and redeeming of his outer consciousness and body, which have hitherto been deemed unworthy of his higher thought, and impossible of spiritualization.

One meaning of sphere and arena is "circuit or range of action . . . place or scene of action, or existence." A buckle is something that fastens or holds together, while circlet suggests spiritual unity.

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