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Metaphysical meaning of CAesarea Philippi (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of CAesarea Philippi (mbd)
CAesarea Philippi, çÆs-a-re'-å ph;-lip'pl (Gk.)--CÆsarea of Philip.

A place in the northern part of Canaan. It was near the foot of Mount Hermon, and is thought to have been the place where the transfiguration of Jesus Christ took place (Matt. 16:13).

Meta. Conquest and dominion; the temporal power of personality with its false claims of reality. The phrase, "When Jesus came into the parts of CÆsarea Philippi," means: when the I AM came into the realms of power. In this positive realm in consciousness (CÆsarea Philippi) the personality (which always seeks glory and dominion, and demands to know to what extent its fame has been spread abroad) is met and overcome by Spirit.

This work is accomplished by meditation and prayer; spiritual realization comes in a wordless message direct from God. By one's assimilating this spiritual light, the broader vision appears. Personality is transmuted into individuality; self-glory is changed into holy reverence for the things of Spirit.

"Who is this Son of man?" is the question that presents itself when we come into consciousness of spiritual dominion and power, though that consciousness be of even a temporal nature--as indicated by the name CÆsarea.

Jesus admonished His followers (Matt. 16:24), "If any man would come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me." He was telling them that if they wished to find the kingdom they should deny that which seeks personal praise and gratification and become willing channels through which God can bring more and more of Himself into visibility.

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