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Metaphysical meaning of Bul (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Bul (mbd)
Bul, bul (Heb.)--pouring forth copiously; rain; produce; increase; abundance; changing; change produced by rain.

The eighth month of the Jewish sacred or ecclesiastical year (I Kings 6:38). Some think that it answers to October; some, to parts of October and November; and others, to parts of November and ecember.

Meta. In their inner spiritual meaning, months, days, and years do not refer to divisions of time but to stages or degrees of unfoldment in consciousness and steps in demonstration. Bul refers to abundant increase of good, abundant supply, prosperity, as the result of a generous outpouring of the Holy Spirit, or of Truth, into the consciousness (pouring forth copiously, rain, rain referring to Spirit, or Truth, produce, increase, abundance, change produced by rain). This Holy Spirit baptism, with its quickening, illumining power, comes to man whenever he reaches the degree of mental and spiritual unfoldment wherein he is ready for it.

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