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Metaphysical meaning of Beth-pazzez (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Beth-pazzez (mbd)
Beth-pazzez, beth-paz'-zez (Heb.)--house of dispersion; place of complete disintegration; place of destruction.

A city of Canaan that was allotted to the Israelitish tribe of Issachar (Josh. 9:21).

Meta. A belief in the materiality of body substance and life. Such beliefs sooner or later bring about a dispersion, or separation, of the various cells and parts of which the outer formed organism is composed, and the body goes to corruption--is destroyed (house of dispersion, place of complete disintegration, place of destruction).

Issachar means who brings hire, he will bring reward. In his blessing by Jacob his father, he is likened to "a strong ass, couching down between the sheepfolds . . . he bowed his shoulder to bear, and became a servant under task work" (Gen. 49:14. 15). This infers material thinking in regard to the pure natural life forces (sheer)), which makes one's seeming tasks, or loads, heavy and hard to bear, and, if continued, leads to disintegration. Moses, in blessing the tribe of Issachar, said that Issachar would rejoice in his tents, and the hidden treasures of the sand would be his (Deut. 33:18, 19); this statement conveys thought of body substance, and infers that eventually its true quality as spiritual and immortal will be recognized.

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