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Metaphysical meaning of Besodeiah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Besodeiah (mbd)
Besodeiah, bes-o-de'-iah (Heb.)--in the intimacy of Jah; in familiar converse with Jehovah; in the Lord's secret; in counsel with Jehovah; given in confidence to Jah.

His son Meshullam helped to repair the walls of Jerusalem after returning from the Babylonian captivity (Neh. 3:6).

Meta. A knowledge of man's true being, of his spiritual nature and sonship. This is the Lord's secret, and that in us which perceives it is in close association with Jehovah (in familiar converse with Jehovah, in the intimacy of Jah, in counsel with Jehovah). This knowledge generates, in the individual who has entered into a consciousness of his oneness with the Christ within him, a devotion to spiritual things, a unification with Spirit, and a companionship with true ideas that does much toward rebuilding his mind and body in enduring life, substance, and Truth. (Rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem refers to the rebuilding of the organism into its true spiritual likeness and durability.)

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