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Metaphysical meaning of Besor (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Besor (mbd)
Besor, be'-sôr (Heb.)--cool water; cool brook; cold; good news; joyful news; fairness; beauty; brightness; cheerfulness.

A brook in the southern part of Judah (I Sam. 30:9).

Meta. The cooling, cleansing waters of denial of seeming error (cool water, cool brook). Denials are necessary when one has become very much wrought up, and weakened, by a struggle against seeming dominance of error thoughts and desires. (The Amalekites had stolen away the families and possessions of David and his men in their absence. While pursuing the Amalekites to defeat them and regain their families and possessions, two hundred of David's men had to stay behind at Besor because they were physically unable to go farther.) True words of denial of error cleanse the consciousness and open the way for renewed life and power to enter into all one's fainting, overwrought, worn-out thoughts that have been struggling for the good and the true, but because of a belief in evil as a power have been unsuccessful. Thus the individual gains a new sense of victory and dominion, of joy, harmony, and wholeness (good news, joyful news, fairness, brightness, and so forth): David caught up with the retreating Amalekites and regained all that had been lost.

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