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Metaphysical meaning of Bered (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Bered (mbd)
Bered, be'-red (Heb.)--strew; scatter; sprinkle; hail; seeding; spotted.

A son or grandson of Ephraim (I Chron. 7:20). It seems to be another rendering of the name Becher (see BECHER). Bered was also the name of a place near Kadesh, in the southern part of Palestine (Gen. 16:14).

Meta. The seed is the word. The ideas and the thoughts that are accepted and appropriated by man are seeds that bear fruit in his life. Becher, a form of the name Bered, signifies a first bringing forth of positive, upbuilding thoughts in consciousness. Bered (strew, scatter, seeding) indicates the sowing of these ideas (seed thoughts) in the mind, that the individual nay begin to act upon them consciously. Hail suggests a coldness and hardness with which these positive seed thoughts may "hit" the consciousness if the will (Ephraim) acts apart from love and praise, the harmonizing and multiplying attributes of mind. Love and praise sweeten, warm, mellow, and refresh the whole being of man; when his true thoughts and words are redolent with the influence of these qualities, they are received gladly, and they bring forth fruit a hundredfold.

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