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Metaphysical meaning of Ben-hanan (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Ben-hanan (mbd)
Ben-hanan, ben-ha'-nan (Heb.)--son of kindness; very gracious; of one gracious; son of grace.

A son of Shimon, a descendant of Judah (I Chron. 4:20).

Meta. The quality of graciousness and kindliness (son of kindness, very gracious), which is greatly strengthened in consciousness and is given freedom of expression through praise (Judah).

, ben-he'-sed (Heb.)--son of zeal; son of benignity; son of loving kindness; son of mercy.

One of Solomon's commissary officers (I Kings 4:10).

Meta. The name means virtually the same as Ben-hanan. with perhaps more of a truly spiritual application. The expression in consciousness of this kindly, benevolent spirit (Ben-hesed--son of loving-kindness, son of mercy), is necessary, that the qualities needed to sustain peace and its associate thoughts (Solomon and his household) throughout one's being may be realized.

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