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Metaphysical meaning of Ben-hur (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Ben-hur (mbd)
Ben-hur, ben'-hûr, (Heb.)--son of Hur; son of whiteness; son of purity; son of nobility; son of splendor. In a bad sense, son of the hole; son of a prison. (The idea of a hole is that of a burrowing animal; the idea of a prison is a filthy subterranean hole.)

One of Solomon's twelve commissary officers (I Kings 4:8); he gathered his share of provisions from the hill country of Ephraim.

Meta. A pure, uplifting, freeing idea in consciousness (son of whiteness, son of purity, son of nobility). This idea, working in an exalted, positive attitude of the will (the hill country of Ephraim), is sure to do its part in realizing substance for the sustenance of the Solomon consciousness in the individual who gives it place in mind. If such a one does not allow it expression in himself, he brings about darkened, limited experiences in both mind and body--makes a prison for himself.

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