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Metaphysical meaning of Ben-hadad (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Ben-hadad (mbd)
Ben-hadad, ben-ha'-dad (Heb.)--son of Hadad; worshiper or follower of Hadad or Adad, i. e., chief divinity of the Syrians; son of vehemence; son of fierceness; son of sharpness.

The name, or title, of several kings of southern Syria (I Kings 15:18-20; 20:1-43). Hadad was the Aramic name of the chief Syrian deity.

Meta. A ruling thought in the phase of intellect that is typified by the Syrians. In this phase of thought there is no understanding of the real and true in consciousness, the Israelites. It therefore works against man's spiritual development. It is destructive and undisciplined, and its dominating power (king) comprehends and seeks to attain the things of the sense life only.

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