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Metaphysical meaning of BartimAeus (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of BartimAeus (mbd)
BartimAeus, bär-tl-mÆ'-us (Gk. from Heb.)--son of TimÆus; son of pollution; son of the unclean; son of contamination.

A blind beggar at Jericho. He was sitting by the wayside and was healed by Jesus (Mark 10:46).

Meta. A phase of the darkened mentality in man. This blinded, polluted, and poverty-stricken state of mind is the outcome of the race habit of attributing honor and precedence to old established beliefs and customs (BartimÆus was a Jew), to the exclusion of present spiritual inspiration. But this darkened, contaminated-with-error phase of the mentality is groping for light, which is realized through Jesus Christ, the Word of God expressed.

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