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Metaphysical meaning of Baana (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Baana (mbd)
Baana, ba'-a-nå (Heb.)--son of affliction; son of wretchedness; son of oppression; son of humility; patient.

a Two men, officers of King Solomon's, who were commissioned to gather victuals for the king's household (I Kings 4:12,16). b Father of Zadok; Zadok worked with Nehemiah in rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem after the Babylonian captivity (Neh. 3:4).

Meta. An enduring attitude of mind --that which causes one to "let patience have its perfect work," even while inharmony and error seem to abound in one's life and affairs (son of affliction, son of humility, patient; the name of Israelitish men who did constructive work). This attitude of mind is the result of a spirit of fairness (Ahilud, father of one of the men named Baana) that realizes that the apparent evil is the outpicturing of some past error sowing that has been done by the individual himself, and in that realization is confident that good is all-powerful and will triumph in the end.

Patient continuance in knowing the Truth, regardless of appearances, establishes substance in mind and thus aids in sustaining the peace consciousness in the individual (gathers victuals for King Solomon's household). It also brings forth Zadok (righteous, a strong belief in the right relation of things), and this belief does its part in healing the soul and the body--rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem.

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