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Metaphysical meaning of Baal-zephon (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Baal-zephon (mbd)
Baal-zephon, ba'-al-ze'-phon (Heb. ) --lord of Typhon; evil spirit of the Egyptians; place sacred to Typhon; lord of the north; lord of the north wind, i. e., winter.

A place by the Red Sea, in Egypt. The Israelites, when fleeing from the Egyptians, camped at this place just before they passed through the Red Sea (Exod. 14:2, 9).

Meta. Typhon is mythical, and means a monster. It is said that Phoenician sailors of old used to seek to pacify the god of the north wind whenever they began a trip down the Gulf of Suez. Baal-zephon (lord of Typhon, evil spirit of the Egyptians, lord of the north wind, i. e., winter, a place in Egypt) signifies the darkened belief that some outer personal god or power rules the elements and that he creates the cold, the storms, and monsters of evil to destroy people, apart from any direct thought or cause on their part.

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