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Metaphysical meaning of Korah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Korah (mbd)
Korah, ko'-rah (Heb.)--bald; smooth; crystal; clear; ice; cold; bald-headed; without horns.

a Son of Esau (Gen. 36:14, 16). h A son of Izhar, descended from Levi. through Kohath. This Korah was one of those who rebelled against Moses and Aaron, and was destroyed by the earth's opening beneath him and swallowing him up (Num. 16).

Meta. Coldness and unproductiveness of life and good, because of one's not being willing to be guided in the love faculty (Korah was descended from Levi, who signifies the love faculty in individual consciousness) by the law of God. (See ASSIR, son of Korah.)

Korah, son of Esau, denotes the coldness, the crystallization (ice), and the barrenness (bald) of consciousness that result from dominance of the "mind of the flesh" (Esau) in the individual.

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