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Metaphysical meaning of Arpad (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Arpad (mbd)
Arpad (in A. V., Isa. 36:19, Arphad), är'-pad (Heb.)--spread out a bed; a couch; strong; supporting; resting; refreshing; light's redemption. The latter is not affiliated with the former sense, but is a distinct development.

A very idolatrous Syrian city. It is mentioned along with Hamath (II Kings 18:34; Jer. 49:23).

Meta. A settled belief (a couch, spread out a bed, resting) that material reasonings of the intellect, rather than trust in God and in the wisdom of Spirit, are the source and power of man's true enlightenment and redemption (strong, supporting, refreshing, light's redemption). (See SYRIA.)

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