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Metaphysical meaning of Arabah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Arabah (mbd)
Arabah, ar'-a-bah, (Heb.)--an arid tract, a sterile region- a desert; burnt up. (In A. V., II Kings 14:25, sea of the plain; Amos 6:14, wilderness; Deut. 1:1, 2:8, plain; Deut. 11:30, champaign; Ezek. 47: 8, desert.)

A place in Palestine on the border of the allotment of Benjamin (Josh. 18:18).

Meta. The empty, barren phases of thought and feeling that arise from the earthly ideas of substance in man, which have been separated from the indwelling vitality (an arid tract; a desert).

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