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Metaphysical meaning of Appius (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Appius (mbd)
Appius (A. V., Appii forum), ap'-pl-us (Lat.) .

A town in Italy, on the Appian Way, or great road, which connects Rome with the Bay of Naples. It was at the market of Appius that some Christians (brethren from Rome) met Paul as he was being taken to Rome to appear before Caesar for trial. When Paul saw these Christians "he thanked God, and took courage" (Acts 28:15).

Meta. A market is a place where provisions and other things are bought and sold. The forum or market place in ancient cities was the open space before the gates in which were transacted all civic activities as well as trade. The Greek phoron and the Latin forum are identical in meaning.

The root meaning is to speak, to utter one's thoughts, to exchange ideas. The market of Appius represents an exchange of ideas, or a comparison of ideas, in intellectual consciousness. The word of Truth, which is being taken to the head, or ruling power of the intellect, for trial (Paul was a prisoner on the way to Rome; Rome represents the head, from which the will rules, while Paul here symbolizes the word of Truth) is encouraged at this place to see that even in the region of the will, and among the outer thoughts of the intellect, the Truth i8 gaining a foothold.

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