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Metaphysical meaning of Antipas (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Antipas (mbd)
Antipas, an'-t;-pas (Gk.)--against one's native country; against all.

A faithful follower of Jesus Christ; he was martyred at Pergamum (Rev. 2: 13) .

Meta. Faithfulness to Truth ideals, even to the point of becoming against all that does not measure up to these ideals. This resistant attitude of mind leads to martyrdom. Jesus said that we should "resist not him that is evil" (Matt. 5:39). We do not need to resist evil, since it has no power of itself. By our being fully assured of this truth, and then remaining positive in the good, all error will fall away from our life. We must keep Jesus' word if we would escape death. (See John 8: 51.)

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