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Metaphysical meaning of Amashsai (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Amashsai (mbd)
Amashsai (A. V., Amashai), a-mash'sa-l (Heb.)--carrying a load; burdensome.

A priest of Nehemiah's time, who returned to Jerusalem from the Babylonian captivity (Neh. 11:13).

Meta. A religious tendency in man that, because of its multiplicity of thoughts not established in divine wisdom, leads to confusion (Babylon). (Amashsai was of the family of Immer, the name Immer meaning talkative.) "And the burden of Jehovah shall ye mention no more: for every man's own word shall be his burden" (Jer. 23:36). The "word" here relates to thought. Man's thoughts build his burdens, his responsibilities, his cares. (The meaning of Amashsai is carrying a load; burdensome.) Yet this religious tendency, which Amashsai symbolizes in us, has laid hold of something of the true word, by the power of which it has been set free to return to the spiritual center in consciousness (Jerusalem), bringing with it the good that it has gained (carrying spoil is suggested by one authority as a meaning of Amashsai) in the experience through which it has passed.

"I rejoice at thy word,

As one that findeth great spoil" (Psalms 119:162).

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