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Metaphysical meaning of Almon-diblathaim (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Almon-diblathaim (mbd)
Almon-diblathaim, al'-mon-dlb-latha'-lm (Heb.)--hiding of two fig cakes; hiding of troubles.

The last camping place of the Israelites in the wilderness before they reached the mountains of Abarim, from whose heights Moses was shown the Promised Land (Num. 33:46, 47).

Meta. Figs, or fig trees, are a symbol of prosperity. Figs are also representative of the seed of man. This seed in its original essence is mind energy, and when ideas are related purely to Divine Mind the seed of man is the life stream in its original purity. Man's original sin is the misappropriation of ideas, which leads to sensation. Almon-diblathaim represents spiritual life and substance, which increase steadily in man from the time that he leaves the darkness of sense (Egypt) and begins his journey toward spiritual consciousness and redemption of the body (the Promised Land). Man does not realize the richness of the Christ possibilities that are unfolding within him, however, until he begins uplifting and spiritualizing his entire being (symbolized by the Israelites' taking possession of Canaan). Until then the inner riches are concealed from him (hiding of two fig cakes). If the inner substance and the life that are all the time increasing in consciousness are misappropriated by the individual in fulfillment of carnal desire, inharmonies result (hiding of troubles).

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