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Metaphysical meaning of Akkub (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Akkub (mbd)
Akkub, ak'-kub (Heb.)--to take by the heel; to lie in wait; cunning; insidious.

There were several Israelitish men by this name; most of them were of the tribe of Levi and served as porters in the Temple and as priests who helped to teach the people out of the law (I Chron. 3:24; 9:17; Ezra 2:45; Neh. 8:7). Akkub is a form of the name Jacob.

Meta. Akkub, though it suggests deceit and craftiness (to take by the heel; cunning; to lie in wait; insidious), has reference, like Jacob, to the subtle working of sense mind in the progression of the individual toward spiritual consciousness.

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