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Metaphysical meaning of Akrabbim (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Akrabbim (mbd)
Akrabbim, a-krab'-b; m (Heb .)--scorpions; scourges; wounds the heel; the going up, in sense of a pass.

A range of mountains or hills, or a pass of steep ascent, in a mountain range that formed a part of the southern boundary of the Promised Land (Num. 34:4)

Meta. South always means below, in Biblical symbology, and often refers to the subconscious. Akrabbim, in .Judges 1:36, is said to have been a border of the territory of the Amorites. It represents the passing up, in consciousness, out of the realm of the Amorites (the error race belief in and exaltation of generation, through sex) into the land of Judea--the higher ideals of the Israelites, or true thoughts about life (the going up, in sense of a pass). Scorpions, scourges, refer to the stinging experiences that beset one who has given way to the sensations of the flesh; they goad him on to seek a higher expression of his creative forces, that he may enter an abiding consciousness of life, health, peace, and harmony--the Promised Land.

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