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Metaphysical meaning of Akeldama (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Akeldama (mbd)
Akeldama (A. V., Aceldama), a-kel'da-ma (Gk. fr. Aram.)--field of blood; portion of blood.

A field not far from Jerusalem that was bought with the money that Judas received for betraying Jesus. In Matthew 27:7, 8, it is called "the potter's field," and seemingly it was bought by the Jewish priests and elders who were instrumental in having Jesus crucified, after Judas returned the thirty pieces of silver to them. In Acts 1:17-19, however, it is inferred that Judas himself bought the field and then, falling headlong in it, "burst asunder in the midst, and all his bowels gushed out."

Meta. Judas carried the bag from which the disciples drew the funds to meet their physical needs. A portion of the substance that supports our organism is extracted in a very intricate manner from the food that we eat. From mouth to stomach, to blood, to nerve fluid it is refined step by step to the highest degree, where Spirit can reach it and use it at the nerve endings in magnetic vibration.

The stomach stands for the meditative faculty of the mind--its ability to receive ideas, turn them over and over, and get mental pabulum out of them. On his plane, Judas (the animal) does much of his thinking in the stomach; and after he had sacrificed everything to material ends (so states Peter, the real thinker), he went out into the field and his bowels gushed out, showing that there must be an end to that way of thinking.

Akeldama was the field into which Judas went. It symbolizes a certain element in thought substance that receives the blood (life) of the Judas (sense) man, and the essence of all errors (Akeldama was a field bought as a burial ground for the bodies of deceased strangers) that have to do with the stomach, bowels, and generative center, and eliminates these errors from the consciousness and from the body.

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