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Metaphysical meaning of Achor (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Achor (mbd)
Achor, a'-chôr (Heb.) affliction; trouble; sorrow.

A valley near Jericho, where Achan, with all that he had, was destroyed because of the trouble that he had brought upon Israel by his sin (Josh. 7:24-26).

Meta. Trouble, sorrow. In Isaiah 65: 10 we read of the valley of Achor, in the redeemed earth (spiritualized body), as being "a place for herds [the animal forces of the organism] to lie down in." This means that all the inner activities of man will come into harmony and peace because they will have been lifted from material to spiritual expression.

In Hosea 2:15 Israel is promised that the valley of Achor shall become a "door of hope." This is a true experience in almost every individual who comes into the Truth. His darkest and most sorrowful problems are the very conditions that cause him to turn away from his errors and look to God for deliverance. Thus the valley of Achor becomes a door of hope to him, since in seeking a way of escape from his troubles he learns to know God as the one source of his being and as his one true love, life, and joy.

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