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Metaphysical meaning of Abijah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Abijah (mbd)
Abijah (in A. V., I Chron. 2:24; 7:8; Matt. 1:7; Luke 1:5, name is given as Abiah and Abia), a-bl'-jah (Heb.)--whose father Jehovah is; (my) father is Jah; (my) father is Jehovah.

The Bible mentions several persons of this name (I Sam. 8:2; I Chron. 3:10).

Meta. Abijah refers to manifest man as being the offspring of the Christ, or Jehovah God (whose father Jehovah is. See Genesis, 2d and 3d chapters). Though this is a true, spiritual idea, not all the Biblical characters named Abijah carried out the Christ principle in their lives. Some were of the priesthood, and lived according to the Christ principle to a greater or less extent, while others, though Israelites, wandered far from the ideal that the name Abijah signifies. For instance, we are told that Abijah, king of Judah (called Abijam in I Kings 15:18), walked in all the sins of his father, Rehoboam. (See I Kings 15:3.)

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