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Joseph Wolpert: Classical Christianity and Unity

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Joseph Wolpert

Copyrighted 1993 by Joseph Wolpert

P.O. Box 124

Lee's Summit, Missouri 64063


What follows was originally my Master's Thesis.

In the process of writing it several years I ago I shared it with several people for their input and advice. I am particularly grateful for the advice and comments of my friend and colleague Reverend James Gaither for his helpful suggestions and to my wife Carolyn who reads everything I write - always with openness and care.

Unity School of Christianity has contributed a great deal of good to the world for over a hundred years now.

Perhaps its greatest asset has been its openness to all people and the opportunity that it presents and encourages in the way of people finding their own way.

But Unity School of Christianity is a "Christian" organization - a fact that some other groups and denominations within the spectrum of Christianity sometimes doubt.

It is hoped that this study will help not only them but students and teachers within Unity itself to begin to see just how closely Unity is to orthodox Christianity.

There are differences that I believe are healthy ones.

Anyone who has become a "new creature" as Paul would say "in Christ" never needs to fear other view points and must never fail to be willing to investigate them.

Our obligation always is to "love one another".

Joseph Wolpert

July 30, 1993

Lee's Summit, Missouri