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Joseph Wolpert: Classical Christianity and Unity

Thesis and Intent

The fundamental thesis of this study is that while the conclusions of classical Christian theology regarding the Christological and Soteriological aspects of Jesus Christ are correct, they have not been sufficiently explained by the traditional church. Part of the problem is that such definitions were arrived at in such a way to conform to tradition (both oral and written) that free opportunity was limited. The vocabulary of the outcome was predetermined. In addition, an adequate metaphysic (with appropriate language) was lacking to sufficiently explain such doctrines.

To support this thesis, illustrations and examples from the Bible and some Early Church Fathers will be quoted. Then, the Christological and Soteriological aspects will be presented separately. The Soteriological aspect will be addressed under the heading of "Atonement".

Finally, I will offer what I believe to be the "missing" explanations relying upon the thought of Charles Fillmore, co-founder of Unity (my own denomination and tradition).