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Love-Powered Living — Front Matter


Keys to Millennium-Living Today

Winifred Wilkinson Hausmann

Winifred Hausmann Love-Powered Living

DeVorss & Company, Publisher P.O. Box 550 - Marina del Rey - California 90294

Copyright © 1986 by Winifred Wilkinson Hausmann

All rights reserved

ISBN: 0-87516-560-5

Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 85-72282

Printed in the United States of America

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“love-powered living”


  • Introduction
  • One: Light and Power of the New Age
    “Fulfilling of the Law” — What Love Can Do — Power, Without Force — The Universe Expresses Love —Universal Oneness — Freedom Is an Obligation — “God Is Love”
  • Two: Love Makes the World Your Neighborhood
    Updating the Law of Love — How Do You Value Yourself? — At Home with Yourself — “Falling in Love, Just a Little Bit” — Watch Your Words —The Circle You Live In — Enlarge the Circle
  • Three: Love Bridges the Gap
    “Hoist with His Own Petard” — Temptation in the Park — Agreements Begin in You — The Snake in the Pumphouse — “Not Saved in Bundles” — Hold the Light! — Compassion, Not Sympathy
  • Four: Love Builds “People Appeal”
    “Divinely Irresistible” — Flaws in the Masterpiece — Love Teaches Itself — How Do You Love? — Love’s Attracting Power — “Should I Expect Appreciation?”
  • Five: Love Answers the Challenge
    Love Doesn’t Ask Why — From Slavery to Strength — God Sent a Rainbow — “Why Did I Do It?” — The TV That Fixed Itself — “If Dottie Could Do It”— Love Built a Garage
  • Six: Love Unlocks the Wisdom of the Ages
    “Supermind Power” — “The Next Generation” — Open the Closet Door — Never Too Old — A Four-Point Formula — Wisdom Goes Shopping
  • Seven: Love Renews, Revitalizes, Restores
    Greater Than Threats — “When Nice Women Didn’t Smoke” — Never Lonely Again — Cure the Cause — “What’s Eating on You?” — The “Little Voice” Speaks
  • Eight: Love Eliminates Competition
    “An Understanding Heart” — Love Story of a Restaurant — A New View of Competition — Broader Horizons — The Tension Factor in Success — Make It Fun!
  • Nine: Love Pays Dividends
    Clutter on the Hearth — “The Most Important Thing in the World” — A New Freedom — “Seek Ye First ...” — The Other Side of Giving — “How Much Should I Give?” — The Carpenter and the Photographer
  • Ten: Love Keeps the Glow in Marriage
    A Glimpse of What Can Be — “Something Extra” — Protective Maintenance — Trivialities Add Up — Stockings on the Shower Rod — Growing Together — What One Can Do
  • Eleven: Love Communicates Ideas
    Words Transmit Images — Feelings Add Power — A Man of Few Words — The Great Commandment Communication without Words — The Greatest Beauty Treatment in the World — Glow in an English Sky —. Your Greatest Protection
  • Twelve: Love Supercharges a Life
    A Universal Outlook — Neighborhood of a World Leader — The Neighborhood of Your Mind — Atomic Bombs of Love — A Chain Reaction in Your Neighborhood — Movement to Destruction or Greatness — Start Your Own Chain Reaction — Let the Love of God Shine


Love makes miracles happen!

Love is the key to the millennium, the “period of great happiness, good government, freedom from wickedness, etc.” (Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary, Second Edition, 1956, p. 54) promised in the Bible.

But the time for the millennium of peace on earth and good will toward all is not some vague period in the future. The time is now, and the place is here on earth, and the key to harmony, happiness, order and growth is an idea that is coming into greater and greater prominence in conversation today. The word is “love.” The idea is a power that is above and beyond anything anyone living today can comprehend completely.

If each one were able to experience in the depths of his innermost self the miracle of pure love, there would be no need for a book such as this.

Love is its own teacher and its own answer. It is its own miracle. It reveals itself in grades or levels, as individuals progress in understanding and ability to use the knowledge they have.

But many fail to learn the lessons of love, because they don’t do their homework. And some fail to get the right answer, because they are asking the wrong questions.

For them this book is written, to lead them into a new understanding of themselves and their potential, to help them to know and use the greatest expression of miracle power they can ever have, the activity of love.

Miracles happen to those who know, and work with, the laws of love. The great experience of the millennium, which includes happiness, peace, good government and freedom, can only come to us and to others in our world when love is made active through a deep-down understanding of what it is, how it works, and, most important, how we can let it work through us.

Love is a miracle power. Love makes miracles happen! Love works for good for us, through us, and in us when we understand and apply its principles.

Miracles are not confined to another day and age, for those who believe. They are not to be put off for another time and place. They are a part of the universal plan of good, and they not only can happen—they do happen now!

A miracle is “an event or effect in the physical world deviating from the known laws of nature, or transcending our knowledge of these laws” (Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary, Second Edition, 1956, p. 536).

The laws of nature can never be broken, but we are constantly discovering new and higher laws which nullify the results which would normally be expected, based on our understanding of lesser laws only.

While one scientist is declaring that something can’t be done, another scientist in another laborartory may be discovering new laws which transcend the knowledge of the first man. And he does the thing which, reportedly, couldn’t be done.

Not only in the laboratory, but also in living, we are constantly exploring and discovering new areas where we can get results that do transcend the knowledge of the past.

The study of love as a power, and its action through the laws of the universe, has barely begun. But even based on present understanding, there are ways in which we can use the miracle power of love to transcend past experiences in living and lead us into a new and greater awareness of our own potential and the potential of our fellow men and women.

So little has been done. So much awaits our discovery. But there is certain basic knowledge that will help us in our search. And the more we use what we know, the more we activate the love we can feel now, the more we direct love wisely, the more we will grow into a greater understanding of this miracle power and what it can do for us individually, and for our civilization as a whole.

Love is the way, the only way, to establish the millennium in us and in our world. And today is the day to do it!

© 1986, Winifred Wilkinson Hausmann
All rights reserved by the author.
Reprinted with permission.