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Love-Powered Living — Love Supercharges a Life

Winifred Hausmann Love-Powered Living

Any person who is really expressing his potential of love power will find it impossible to become lost in the crowd!

His bearing, the expression on his face, his attitude of peace and poise, his compassion, his command of the situation, all show that he is not just an insignificant member of the group, but a real person who has something special to contribute to the whole.

Love literally charges the life of the individual with something that others may not completely understand, but they must recognize and respect. Love is a supercharger, and it shows!

A Universal Outlook

Many people feel the urge to lose themselves in the crowd, to seek the sanctuary of being one of the faceless majority, to just get by or simply earn a living for a certain number of years and then pass on.

In a sense, this desire to conform, to be a part of the crowd, to fit into the pattern of society as a whole, is an expression of love.

Love is oneness, an ability to identify with others and to seek together for the expression of the best in all. But it should not be misinterpreted into a desire to merge into the whole, to lose individuality by becoming a conformist, a part of the team, a product of the social production line.

Neither will love flaunt itself as different, a self-conscious rebel.

Rather, with quietness and an inner strength, love prepares the way for individual growth. It plants the seed of leadership. One who realizes his basic oneness with others and cares deeply about others has something special to give a position of authority.

A desire to conform is the result of catching only a glimpse of the whole idea of love and oneness. Understanding and claiming your unity with others does not mean losing your individuality at all. Rather, it means gaining a universal outlook that can’t be lost in the crowd. It must make its own contribution to the good of all mankind —and do it in love!

It isn’t afraid to be different. But it doesn’t seek to be different. It simply is that which it is, as the result of an inner knowing of the importance of each individual to the whole.

Love has to express, and the person who lets it flow through him as an acceptance of his oneness with others and his desire to contribute to the whole is supercharged for love-powered living!

He doesn’t have to tell others what he is, because it shows and it speaks for itself. He prepares himself to fulfill a right and important place in his world, and he is established in it. He has to be, because that is the nature of love power.

Love somehow guides each person to the position in his society where he can make the greatest contribution. But first of all it prepares him for the job he is to do. It gives him that extra energy, that special ability to succeed, because he cares and because he recognizes his unity with all the good in his universe.

Neighborhood of a World Leader

Konrad Adenauer, for many years a world leader, said one time, “When the world seems large and complex, we need to remember that great world ideas all begin in some home neighborhood.”

This is true. The world expresses the ideas of its neighborhoods, and the strongest ideas in the largest number of neighborhoods are the ones that have the greatest effect on world affairs as a whole.

Hate, continually fed into a consuming flame, consumes much of the good that could contribute to the overall well-being of the world. But hate has to start somewhere. It doesn’t simply appear full-blown.

Apathy is one of the greatest influences on world affairs. If people in many different places simply don’t care, those in authority who do have a plan will prevail. They will, because they care. The people who don’t want to bother contribute to the ease with which others can accomplish whatever they like, good or bad.

Love, developed in the world’s neighborhoods, is the only real hope for universal peace. When people all over the world are as interested in loving others as they are in providing the material comforts for themselves and their families, the consciousness of the neighborhoods will establish peace in world affairs.

But the neighborhood is even smaller than the group of people who live in a particular small area. It finally comes down to one individual. And one love-powered person can contribute enormously to the good of the whole.

Great world ideas really begin in the neighborhood of one individual’s mind!

The Neighborhood of Your Mind

The overall picture may seem big, overpowering and complex. World affairs may seem insoluble. But in someone’s mind, somewhere, there are ideas, plans and projects that will shape the future of the world. Even the most seemingly permanent conditions can be changed! Even the most seemingly insoluble problems can be solved!

Most people look to others to transform the world, and they criticize those in authority if they don’t perform miracles. But the shape of the world will always be the result of the shape of the mind, and if the condition of all people is to be changed, the picture and the thought must first be transformed in one person’s thinking. One person, somewhere, must let in the light of love if it is to bless the world.

You may be the one in whose mind great world ideas are to originate. You may be the person whose mental neighborhood is to provide a blessing to thousands, or millions of your fellow people. You will be, if you will learn to love!

To yourself you may seem small and insignificant, just one small dot among so many. But you are just as important as you choose to be. You can have just as much influence on the whole as you are willing to have, provided you will first influence yourself.

It may seem easier to sit back and wait for others to take the initiative. But always there is something that you, as an individual, can do, and it is your responsibility to do that! Nothing is hopeless, and nothing is ever final — unless you choose to believe in hopelessness and finality. Always there is something that can be done to improve conditions. There is something you can do. To prepare for your greater work, begin by learning to love.

Let love grow in you until it enlarges your neighborhood to the multitudes you are to bless. Prepare yourself for a supercharged life, one energized by unselfish, universal love power, and you will so stand out in the crowd that love will single you out for a special contribution to a world desperately in need of its light.

Atomic Bombs of Love

Love-powered people all over the world can so transform the group thinking that atomic bombs of love will be exploding all old hates, fears and fights. This will be the beginning of the new age, the millennium when the millions can live in peace and harmony and build, rather than destroy.

There is a universal principle which is employed in the working of the atomic bomb, and which also applies to the intangible essence of love power.

In a few words, this is the way the atomic bomb unleashes its power. A neutron splits the first uranium atom. This releases more neutrons which split more atoms, and so it goes. We might say that through the chain reaction started by the exploding of the first atom, one atom touches off two, the next two touch off four, four touch off eight, and so on to the extent of the power stored in that particular nuclear package.

Love power works in the same way. It is really energy waiting to be released for good, its activity postponed until the time when someone starts the chain reaction. But once it is active, it becomes much greater than the original impetus which started it on its way. The law of chain reaction is this:

When love powers one life, that life releases love power in two others, those two affect four others, and so on. The chain reaction started by one love-powered life is endless.

The one who starts the chain reaction may not have any idea how many others have received good from that which he has done, and in the long run, of course, he will affect not just two people, but many people every day, all for good. It is an encouraging view, and one that gives the only real hope for the world today.

The physical atomic bombs are designed to destroy. But atomic bombs of love have an even greater power to build, rebuild, construct, harmonize and make the world a better place for all people.

Love literally supercharges individual lives to such an extent that they can influence the whole human race. The time will come when love can even influence the weather, other forms of life and the world in which we live. It will be able to do it, just by releasing its power into the atmosphere.

A Chain Reaction in Your Neighborhood

Perhaps this seems impossible to you. Maybe you are not ready to accept the idea that love will literally transform the world in which we live. But you can see it transform your life. You can learn to use these principles to improve your own life and those that touch yours. And, after all, that is all that is required of anyone. Even in your own neighborhood, you can start a chain reaction of love power!

It is a well known scientific fact that people employ only a small percentage of their strength, their energy and their abilities, and only an infinitesimal segment of their supply from the universal storehouse of love power.

Perhaps you have wasted enormous quantities of your atomic power, by tuning in to negative concepts and releasing them through the law of chain reaction.

Hate, worry, fear, aggravation, resentment, anger — any of these can start a chain reaction that influences your neighborhood.

Take just one small example. Can you think of a time when you lost your temper? Can you remember an occasion when you refused to respond to a smile with a smile? Have you ever been grumpy, because you were worried or resentful? Do you put up a defense before someone attacks?

If you lose your temper, you start a chain reaction. You are surely aware of the way in which others are affected by your anger. This may occur in a specific explosion, and it may continue to affect more and more people all day long.

Pity the person who has to depend on a repairman who had a fight with his wife that morning! And that is just one small example.

Suppose you glowered back when someone smiled in a friendly way. You could affect that person’s whole day. You could even deprive others who might have been blessed by the chain reaction of a smile.

And so it goes. Every action, reaction or attitude, in its own small way, sets off a chain reaction. The intensity of the influence is determined by the intensity of your feeling at the time and the other person’s reaction to it.

Sometimes your reaction may be determined by negligence, just the fact that you didn’t care enough to bother, or you didn’t care enough to bother at that particular time. But others don’t always understand your motives. They do see how you act and what you say, and unless they are strongly indoctrinated in love themselves, they are very likely to respond, even when you “didn’t mean it.”

Movement to Destruction or Greatness

More than ever before, our world needs love-powered individuals, ones who are willing to start chain reactions of good will in their own neighborhoods.

At this time in history, we are heading either for destruction or toward a greater civilization than we have ever known. And we are moving rapidly.

During a relatively few years, the momentum of scientific discovery and development has escalated so rapidly that we will be lost in the maze of our own materialistic inventions and contrivances unless we stop and take stock, and begin to build into our lives the emotions and sense of responsibility that can cope with new developments.

Scientists are turning out new and greater weapons. They are preparing to explore farther and farther into space and even to establish colonies in space. And through it all runs a sense of urgency toward materialistic accomplishment, a competitive feeling that says that time is running out for “our side.”

There is a chain reaction now going on in our world. It is started with individuals, as every thought must be, but it is now running through whole groups of people, nations, world-wide movements.

Much of this chain reaction is based in feelings of discontent, without any real understanding of what would be better; protest, without any deep sense of right or wrong; violence, just for the sake of violence.

In the area of negative thoughts and emotions, feelings are very easily aroused in whole groups of people who are just waiting for some excuse to express their dissatisfaction with themselves by blaming others for their troubles. It has always been so, but now such feelings are more and more being paraded in public and even commended by many people.

Running away from these demonstrations and planned programs of destruction will not solve the problem. Love power will. It is the only answer to the ills our world faces today.

Hate-powered, materialistically-oriented people can set off chain reactions of discontent, disunity and destruction.

But love power is always greater than hate, greater than any lesser motive or emotion. It may not oe quite as popular in certain circles at the present time, but it does have the ability and the energy to turn the tide of destructive thinking in the world today. It will do it, when individuals who want a better world are willing to give love a chance, to let it work through them.

Start Your Own Chain Reaction

You, right now, have much more energy and ability to accomplish than you realize. You have love power yourself. You can use it in ways that you cannot even visualize at the present time. You can, when you are willing to let it use you to express its ideas of caring and harmony and faith. You can, when you are willing to be different from the crowd, to start your own chain reaction instead of allowing yourself to be influenced by anybody who happens to be leading the group at the moment.

You can improve your life individually. You can be happier, healthier, more prosperous and more successful than you have ever imagined becoming. You can live, work and grow in ways that are now beyond your comprehension. You can do this by letting love power work through you.

You can’t judge the atom by its infinitesimal size. Neither can you judge your potentialities as a love-powered person by the size of the results you have seen so far.

Of course, in order to become this influence for good, you must first be willing to trigger your own personal chain reaction by holding only the thoughts and feelings that are in keeping with love-powered living.

It means giving up petty grievances. It means refusing to worry, even though you can see many deficiencies from the materialistic viewpoint. It means believing in basic goodness, in the face of many appearances which deny it. It means being willing to stand out in the crowd because you care—not because you have a bone to pick or a fight to brew.

It is not easy to love in the face of obvious injustice, disregard of human rights and wrongs of all sorts. It is not easy to love those who seemingly seek to injure you or others. And loving does not mean condoning wrong. It does mean meeting even the wrong on a higher level, which provides an answer, rather than simply complicating the situation.

It is necessary to find within yourself some sort of peace and rest, some kind of forgiveness and even good feeling, if you are to live happily, even with yourself. And it is only when you have established the right feelings within yourself that you have the insight and the ability to deal with others.

Fight, and the world fights against you. Everything seems to combine to bring you greater and greater difficulties. But love, and you dissolve differences in warmth and light. Love, and you know how to handle the situations that arise, from the highest viewpoint, the one that offers the only real solution to the problems that arise.

Let the Love of God Shine

This doesn’t mean that you can use love power to force changes on others in your world.

Remember, love power doesn’t force. Remember, again, the legend of the sun and the wind. The wind tried to force the man to remove his coat. The sun simply shone, and in its warmth the man took off the coat.

The one who vindictively tries to force others to change will meet rebuff, as they clutch their beliefs and determination more tightly to them. But the one who starts a chain reaction of love simply dissolves the thoughts of inharmony and war and prevails in the long run. No power in the world is greater than the spiritual quality of love power, rightly understood and applied.

What person can stand against the warmth of sincere interest in his well being, good will that wants the best for all?

Even the hardened criminal has to feel something. Even the self-seeking materialist becomes uncomfortable in the warmth of love. And something has to change.

When you let the love of God shine through you with such beauty that it warms the hearts of others, it makes them, too, want to do that which is right and good. It starts its own chain reaction.

You don’t have to create their pattern for them. You don’t have to tell them what you think their actions should be. Your part is simply, through the light, the glow, the warmth of love, to awaken that something special that is the best and greatest part of every person, the inner guide that makes them want to do the right thing.

It’s pretty hard for anyone to cheat you when you obviously trust him to do the honest thing and look into his innermost heart, where all his highest instincts lie. It’s difficult for one to injure you when you refuse to recognize any possibility of hurt or harm.

Let your own personal sun, the light of love power, shine through you, and you’ll see what love can do for you and for those you contact.

You may not know all of love at the present time, but you do know something. You can use that something to start a chain reaction in your thinking and feeling and then in your neighborhood.

Supersonic speeds are nothing to the speed with which love does its work. The energies released by the atomic bomb, the hydrogen bomb, and any other destructive elements in our physical world are as nothing in comparison with the force of love power.

Even those elements of hate, distrust and discontent with which one can start chain reactions in the mind and heart of others are as nothing when they are confronted by the activity of pure good will and caring.

Love power is God power in action. All of the teaching of all of the great religions of the world have recognized this in one form or another.

Love is the answer for individuals, for nations, for the world and for our expanding universe. Love is the only answer to waves of hate and destruction.

Are you willing to start your own chain reactions of love?

Let love thoughts and feelings generate more love thoughts and feelings in you, and then release them in your neighborhood. You don’t have to be concerned about where they go from there. The law of chain reaction works, and your sense of caring and good will goes far beyond the boundaries you can see, but at the same time, it starts a nearby chain reaction that will bless you most of all.

With Love, all things are possible. Because God is Love, and Love is God in action in His universe, working through the universal principles that He created in the beginning.

© 1986, Winifred Wilkinson Hausmann
All rights reserved by the author.
Reprinted with permission.