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Best Loved Mother's Day Poems

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Mother's Day by Grace Noll Crowell

Mother's Day


Let us do today as she would have us do!
   Let us be clean as she would have us be;
Let us be brave and fine and strong and true,
   Fulfilling her dreams for you, her dreams for me.

Above the gift is the giver. Let us give
   The precious substance of our life to make
The world a better place because we live:
   Let us live worthily for her dear sake.

What would your mother choose, and what would mine
   Desire as a gift on this her day?
Some momentary bauble that would shine?
   Armloads of blossoms that would fade away?

These too perhaps, but oh, much better far
   Than brilliant gifts to place upon high shelves,
Would be our love, like some pure steadfast star,
   Our heart, the golden riches of ourselves.

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Mother's Creed by Bonnie Day

Mother's Creed


The depths of metaphysic law
   She little grasped or understood;
Yet with clear eyes of faith she saw
   One shining truth, that God is good.
She could not quote one single line
   Of affirmation, tenet, creed;
But how she trusted love divine
   To meet her every human need!

Hers was a plain theology
   That love could swiftly comprehend;
Her whole religion was to be
   To all who needed her a friend.
The laws of science and of art
   She made no claim to understand;
But love was law within her heart
   And kindness law unto her hand.

A wisdom never learned from books
   But tutored by an inward grace
Was written in her very looks
   And shone reflected in her face.
In thought profound and creed sublime
   She builded better than she knew
A doctrine that shall outlast time:
   To trust, to love, to be, and do.

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