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Best Loved Unity Poems (1947)

Best Loved Unity Poems

Best Loved Unity Poems was published by Unity School of Christianity in 1947.

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From the Table of Contents:

  1. Now the Acceptable Time - Poems to help you make the most of every day.
  2. The Substance of Things Hoped For - Poems of faith and courage; poems to lift you up and keep you keeping on.
  3. The Fulfilling of the Law - Poems of love and friendship.
  4. The Everlasting Arms - Poems about God: His blessings, His presence, His guidance, His will, His Truth.
  5. The Secret Place of the Most High - oems about prayer and meditation; poems about the silence and communion with God.
  6. The Renewing of Your Mind - Poems to help you change yourself and change your life.
  7. The Hope of Glory - Poems about Jesus and the Christ within.
  8. Whatsoever Things Are Lovely - Poems of praise and beauty; poems about the seasons.
  9. A Very Present Help - Poems for a purpose; poems to be used as blessings; poems to help you meet specific needs.
  10. The Work of Our Hands - Poems of blessing for work and workers.
  11. To Every Thing a Season - Poems for special occasions; poems about the holidays.
  12. The Wings of the Morning - Poems of inspiration; poems of joy and peace.

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