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Teach Us To Pray by Charles & Cora Fillmore

Questions for Teach Us To Pray

By Charles and Cora Fillmore

The God to Whom We Pray

  1. How is the spiritual character built?
  2. Explain "I go to prepare a place for you."
  3. How are we born anew through Christ?
  4. How does man awaken the divine nature within him and bring about his union with God?

True Prayer

  1. What is true prayer?
  2. How does one enter the silence?
  3. How are prayers fulfilled?
  4. Why does God need man as an avenue of expression.

Intellectual Silence and Spiritual Silence

  1. Why do we ask in the name of Jesus Christ?
  2. Does salvation come by accepting Jesus as one's Saviour? Explain.
  3. Did Jesus make individual effort unnecessary?
  4. What is intellectual silence?
  5. What is spiritual silence?

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Healing through the Prayer of Faith

  1. How is faith healing done?
  2. How does man develop a deeper faith?
  3. What is attention?
  4. What is concentration?

Prosperity through Prayer

  1. Give your own interpretation of the story of Elisha and the oil.
  2. Give the metaphysical interpretation of Elisha, the widow, and the oil.
  3. Why is praise so beneficial?
  4. Why is daily prayer essential?

Contacting Spiritual Substance

  1. What is Spirit substance?
  2. How does man appropriate and manifest the invisible substance?
  3. How do we gain control of Spirit substance?
  4. Why are prosperity demonstrations delayed?

Joyous Prayer

  1. How can a metaphysician contact the undiscovered quantities in space?
  2. How is the Christ consciousness attained? What is the result?
  3. Explain the effect of joy on the mind, body, and affairs.
  4. Why must we pray with a purpose?

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How to Handle the Psychic Forces of Consciousness

  1. What is the only way to handle the psychic forces?
  2. What are the three elements of the soul, and what is comprised in each?
  3. What effect does the psychic realm have on the emotional nature?
  4. What happens to souls who pass on?
  5. Explain how Spirit gives messages in dreams and visions.
  6. How is man being restored to the heavenly kingdom?

Spiritual Unfoldment Makes Man Master

  1. Is man the equal of God?
  2. How does man develop his innate abilities?
  3. How did Jesus become a master?
  4. Why is the unfoldment of love so important in gaining spiritual mastery?


  1. What is the "light of the world"?
  2. How did the crucifixion of Jesus save us from sin, sickness, and death?
  3. What is the grand fulfillment?
  4. Explain the difference between "life" and "blood."

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  1. What was the evolution of Jesus?
  2. What is your understanding of the Logos?
  3. How is the body transformed?
  4. How do we partake of the Holy Communion?

Thought Images

  1. What are thought images?
  2. How do we project thought?
  3. Can man have a perfect character? How?
  4. Are there short cuts into the kingdom of the heaven?

The Spoken Word

  1. Explain the process of creative thought.
  2. How does the soul overcome death?
  3. What is your understanding of the "ether"?
  4. How do we receive a life transfusion?

Thou Shalt Decree

  1. What is the effect of man's words?
  2. Does an inferiority complex prevent one from expressing sonship?
  3. Why do the organs of the body respond to our decrees?
  4. Amplify Dr. Alexis Carrel's statement "The only thing that keeps men from living forever is the possession of a brain and nervous system."

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Be Strong in the Lord

  1. How do we become strong in the Lord?
  2. What was Jesus' instruction regarding prayer?
  3. Name some helps to entering the silence.
  4. Explain the effect of words of praise and failure.

Face to Face with God

  1. Why should we speak direct to God?
  2. How can we become established in the consciousness of oneness with God?
  3. Explain the parable of the prodigal son.
  4. Why must we study the life of Jesus?

Not Magic but Law

  1. Where is the "kingdom of God"?
  2. Was Jesus the only Son of God? Explain.
  3. How do we attain the consciousness of eternal life?
  4. Why should we look to God as our resource?

Spiritual Soul Therapy

  1. What is Spirit psychoanalysis?
  2. What determines the character of our soul?
  3. Explain the effect of praise on the individual.
  4. Does the mental attitude govern spiritual demonstration?

Health and Prosperity

  1. How can Spirit manifest itself?
  2. How is the immortal body formed?
  3. Where is the substance of God?
  4. Can we manipulate substance as Jesus did? Explain fully.

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Thoughts Are Things

  1. What are thoughts?
  2. Compare the "ether" of science with the Garden of Eden and the "kingdom of the heavens" of Jesus.
  3. Do you agree with Professor Jeans' statement that we live in a universe of waves?
  4. How does man form his world?
  5. Is there a panacea for the present world conditions?

The Supermind

  1. Do all kinds of healers use the same force? Why?
  2. What is heaven?
  3. What is hell?
  4. How did Jesus save us from destructive, discordant conditions?
  5. Why do we pray in the name of Jesus Christ?

Cheerfulness Heals

  1. How does cheerfulness aid healing?
  2. Why does a cheerful attitude bring prosperity?
  3. Why is proper diet conducive to health?
  4. Why do we bless our money and affairs?

Love Harmonizes

  1. How does love adjust man's discords?
  2. Explain the law of gravitation.
  3. How are great souls developed?
  4. Why did Jesus use scientific methods?

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Casting Out Fear

  1. What is the effect of fear on the body?
  2. How do we cast out fear?
  3. How do we fulfill the law of our being?
  4. What does perfect love mean to you?

Spiritual Hearing

  1. How do we hear?
  2. Can everyone hear with the "inner ear"? Explain.
  3. Is excessive meditation advisable? Why not?
  4. Explain the importance of spiritual receptivity.

Light of Life

  1. What is the "true light"?
  2. Why have the discoveries of modern science about light failed to aid man in his spiritual development?
  3. Are light and intelligence one? Explain.
  4. What should be the attitude of Truth students in regard to physical science?

Thought Substance

  1. How are our prayers answered?
  2. Does asking alone bring abundance into manifestation?
  3. What is the Spirit of truth?
  4. In what way are the laws of hygiene and diet beneficial?

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Intensified Zeal

  1. Explain the office of the faculty of zeal.
  2. What is the cause of "old age"?
  3. How did Jesus overcome greed?
  4. How do we lay up treasures in the heavens?

The Unreality of Error

  1. Why is error unreal?
  2. What is the object of man's existence?
  3. How is the truth revealed to us?
  4. What is matter?

Joy Radiates Health

  1. Explain the effect of laughter and joy on health.
  2. Where did Solomon turn for judgment?
  3. How is happiness attained?
  4. How do we find lasting peace?


  1. What does "selah" mean?
  2. Why is "God first" the only way to the consciousness of Truth?
  3. How does man demonstrate prosperity?
  4. What is the meaning of the word "Jehovah"?

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Spiritualizing the Intellect

  1. How many minds are there? Explain.
  2. How do we unify all our forces?
  3. Explain the difference between the blessings bestowed by Isaac on Jacob and Esau.
  4. What is the intellectual man?
  5. What is the proper relationship between the mind and the heart? The mind and the body?
  6. Explain the principle of tithing.

The Sevenfold Cleansing

  1. Why is humility necessary in spiritual healing?
  2. Why must personal egotism be overcome?
  3. Name two important steps in spiritual healing.
  4. What part did Elisha have in the healing of Naaman?

Prayer and Faith

  1. Define prayer in your own words.
  2. What does faith mean to you?
  3. Why did Paul admonish us to pray without ceasing?
  4. What is meant by true spiritual baptism?

The Healing Word

  1. Does the "word" have power to heal? Why?
  2. What is the "only Son of God"?
  3. What does logos mean?
  4. Can man forgive sin? How?