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Teach Us To Pray by Charles & Cora Fillmore

Health and Prosperity

My health is in Thee, and I affirm Thee and Thy life as the one and only source of my healing.

Thou art my resource, and in Thee I am bountifully supplied with all things.

How can Spirit manifest itself?

GOD IS SPIRIT, and Spirit is located and appears wherever it is recognized by an intelligent entity. It thus follows that whoever gives his attention to Spirit and seals his identification with it by his word, starts a flow of Spirit life and all the attributes of Spirit in and through his consciousness. To the extent that he practices identifying himself with the one and only source of existence he becomes Spirit, until finally the union attains a perfection in which he can say with Jesus, "I and the Father are one" (John 10:30).

Many persons who have been taught that God exists in a realm separate from His creations and that He has parts and passions like man discount the claim that He is the essence of man's body. But that Spirit is the essence of all things is good logic,

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and those who have made the contact with Spirit life testify that it has revealed itself to them as the very source of their existence; that is, as creative Mind, God.

Jesus was undoubtedly the most radical of all the thousands who have claimed that God revealed Himself to them right out of omnipresence.

The same thought stuff that God used to create man is accessible to man at all times and in all places. In fact we are using this all-potential thought stuff with every mental concept. Thus we plant ideas in the same soil in which God-Mind plants its ideas, and the offspring or fruit is of the same kind. "Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap" (Gal. 6:7).

How is the immortal body formed?

Following the creative law that works constantly in Spirit substance and life, we find that we are creating permanent thought forms when our ideals are in harmony with divine law. We thus see that our immortal body is formed when our thoughts harmonize with what we intuitively know to be God thoughts, and the perishable body is formed when we think and speak words that are out of line with Truth as established in divine principle.

Where is the substance of God?

Can we manipulate substance as Jesus did? Explain fully.

God is Spirit. God is the source of all that we are, hence the source of life, substance, and intelligence. The one and only substance out of which all things are formed is right here at all times, awaiting our recognition of it in its spiritual freedom. When we do recognize it in the simple faith that it will carry out our demands, we are doing just what Jesus did.

In like manner the divine substance, out of which

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all things are formed, in its spiritual freedom is here in our midst waiting for us to form it into whatever we may decree. Thus it follows that God has actually planted man in a garden or paradise of potential substance (mental soil), out of which he can grow his prosperity.

Thousands are testifying in this day that a greater work is being done in His name than was done in Palestine.

Your health and prosperity will surely be demonstrated if you are faithful in your open-mindedness; in holding fast to healing and prosperity thoughts.