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Teach Us To Pray by Charles & Cora Fillmore

The Spoken Word

Spirit life quickens mind and body, and I am whole.

Spirit substance fills my mind and floods my affairs.

WE UNDERSTAND that the worlds were framed by the word of God spoken in faith. This in substance is the comment of the author of Hebrews. If God created by the power of His word it is fair to assume that He gave like power to man, who has in miniature all the abilities of His Father. Jesus confirmed this power of man's word when He said that we should be held accountable for our lightest word and that our words would both justify and condemn us (Matt. 5:22).

Our words are so interwoven with our thoughts and acts that we do not discern the relation between cause and effect, in fact we do not as a rule see any connection between them. We are so concerned with effects that we have no consciousness of causes. So in explaining the law by which man builds his

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So in explaining the law by which man builds his character, body, and environment, we must repeatedly call attention to the source of these things, Spirit and its outlet in man, the word.

character, body, and environment, we must repeatedly call attention to the source of these things, Spirit and its outlet in man, the word. Thought and word are so intimately allied that we usually count them as one. "Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh" (Luke 6:45). Get a deep conviction of the truth of your cause; then speak it forth in strong words, and it will surely come to pass.

The process through which the idea -- conceived in mind, formed in thought, and made manifest in body and affairs -- passes in its various stages is not always clear, and we are not usually concerned about the manner in which the end is accomplished. The fulfillment of our objective is the principal thing.

Explain the process of creative thought.

However it is within the province of man to understand and witness the whole process of creative thought in his own organism. It requires soul culture of an advanced order to do this, and but few persons are willing to undertake the necessary study and discipline. It is not taught in any of the metaphysical schools, because the instructions cannot be put in words. No words have yet been invented to express the attitudes of mind and body required to raise the cell life in man's body to the required potency. The spiritual ether in which we float has a rate of vibration millions of times greater than matter. This is the kingdom of Spirit life, which Jesus brought to our attention and of which we must lay hold if we would attain eternal or continuous life. The individuality or I AM must give concentrated attention to this inner life energy and

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introduce it into mind and body continually until the whole nervous system is aflame with Spirit life. We may not be conscious of it, but we are all seeking this inner life flame, because its energy is the only source upon which we can draw to raise our atomic vibration to the point where it will overcome the slow disintegrating flow of human nature.

How does the soul overcome death?

There are souls in the heavens who have accomplished this and so attuned their bodies to the spiritual life that they are no longer subject to death. Jesus of Nazareth is the illumined soul appointed to save our race from the disintegrating effects of broken law, and through Him we are dynamically infused with life.1

Every time we listen to a radio program we have in the diffusion of intelligence an illustration of what Jesus accomplished in the diffusion of life. In the 1st chapter of John we read, "In him was life; and the life was the light of men."

What is your understanding of the "ether"?

Here light (intelligence) and life are treated as one. Like all the attributes of Spirit, intelligence or the knowing quality is united with the active quality, life. There is a spiritual ether corresponding to the radio ether, into which Jesus merged His soul and body at His disappearance in the heavens (hoi ouranoi). Here awaiting our appropriation is a radiant intelligence and life. When we turn our attention within and give ourselves up wholly to Spirit, we are quickened with a life and intelligence of superexcellence.

How do we receive a life transfusion?

When the blood stream becomes depleted our

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physicians hasten to make a blood transfusion, overlooking the fact that Jesus made it possible for all of us to receive from Him a life transfusion that not only revives us in temporal ills but, above all, begins in our body a purifying and energizing process that will finally save us from death.

When we strive to be like Jesus in thought and word we are quickened by Him and are lifted up. This results in healing; but far more important, we are inoculated with the germs of soul and body cleansing.


  1. See Unity tract: Jesus Christ's Atonement