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May Rowland - Healing Workshop - Tape 1

Tape 1 (Segmented and Annotated)

Annotations to audio clips for Healing Workshop October 1971 Fillmore Festival Retreat

001 Foster McClellan reads best-loved Silent Unity affirmations.

002 May Rowland introduces Silent Unity

003 What do we mean by prayer exactly? Prayer is communion with God.

004 What is the silence? It is a form of meditation. It is just being quiet when we pray. To listen.

005 How do we pray for healing? May talks about the monthly prayers in Silent Unity and class prayers. There is a theme for a month and a prayer for illumination, healing and prosperity and a general prayer based on that theme.

006 What is unique about the Unity teachings? It is the affirmative form of prayer.

007 How do you personally look at God? May looks at God as a presence.

008 How do you account for negative things in the world? We need to keep our communication lines open.

009 What do we mean by God as principle?

010 How do we know that the solution is sure?

011 How does Unity look at death? May reflects on reincarnation.

012 Comment on the law behind prosperity. May says it depends on a prosperity consciousness.

013 What do you think is Charles Fillmore’s best book? Jesus Christ Heals.

014 Comment on the Unity concept of Christ. God is the principle of good and Christ is the expression of that good.

015 May comments on reading the future. Ernest read: “To Spirit the future is a succession of events based on the ideas revolving in the mind of present. Whoever rises into his own ideal realm can read his future for himself.” May says we make our own future for ourselves based on our consciousness, what you think, feel and believe.

016 May comments on pollution and the pollution of ideas

017 The most difficult thing in the world is to change your own mind

018 May comments on energy in the atoms of the body. Ernest read: “Have faith in the power of you mind to penetrate and release the energy that is pent-up in the atoms of your body.” Your mind is not just your brain, but the Mind of Christ in you.

019 What do we mean by the mind?

020 May comments on the mind. “The mind the center of man’s world around which to him all things revolve.” It is the Christ mind within us, not the brain, that gives us all knowledge, all live, all intelligence.

021 Is it true that what you think really is your God? It certainly is the one thing that directs your life. So we think from the Christ mind.

022 Would you give an affirmation for an eye with a detached retina? Through God, the perfect attachment is made. Begin with a denial: “with God all things are possible” and continue with an affirmation that the retina is perfectly attached.

023 Can you help me concentrate? May shares a story about a woman who said she could perfectly concentrate -- on her troubles! If she can concentrate on her troubles, then she can concentrate on her healing! It’s practice, concentration takes practice. Take the prayers from Daily Word and use them!

024 What do I say to someone who talks about their illnesses. Say that you’ll pray for them, give a few affirmations, but don’t dramatize the illness. May shares a story about tourists in the holy land who kept talking about their operations.

025 How should I respond to unkind comments. Don’t respond to them. Know the nothingness of them, keep silent. May Rowland’s affirmation: “God’s love is strong, God’s love is here, dissolving all inharmony and all of anything that isn’t like it should be.”

026 What is the best way to help a friend who is a victim of alcoholism? Pray for inner satisfaction and for ideal surroundings. The soul is seeking some satisfaction which it hasn’t found. “God satisfies your longing soul and fills your life with his good no matter how it appears.”

027 Should you preach to someone who drinks or smokes? We do better by making our work silent, rather than preaching. Ernest and May share a funny story about a woman who put a large-type affirmation on her husband’s television.

028 Does it do any good to pray for someone who doesn’t believe in God? Yes, pray for elimination, but don’t tell him your praying for him. You might say “I’m holding a good thought for you.”

029 If I am lonely, is it right to pray to find true love? “God satisfies my longing soul and God comforts and blesses me and uplifts me and satisfies my longing soul.” It’s right to pray for companionship, but know that it doesn’t necessarily need to be someone of the opposite sex. It can be a friend or working with children that satisfies the need for companionship.

030 How do you ask for a companion of the opposite sex?

031 Are the mind and the soul the same? No, the mind is the overall God picture that is always with us, but the soul is what you build up your self in your past incarnations and in this life.

032 Have you ever known of a senile person brought back to normalcy? Yes, but it depends on the individual. May reflects on Josphine Luke who work at Unity until she was ninety and retired at one hundred.

033 When we prayer for others do we need to continue with our prayer. We must continue. Quotes Brother Lawrence.

034 Is that a new dress you have on?

035 What is the secret of your success? I enjoy life and practice not giving power to negative ideas. Give life the light touch and don’t bear down on your problems. May repeats twice and comments on this affirmation: “God is so wonderful, life is so beautiful and I am so richly blessed.”

036 Prayers at Silent Unity. It is a worldwide prayer consciousness where everyone at Unity is praying for each other. There is a great bond of unity among all praying people, across all denominations. Prayer lifts people to a higher level of consciousness and we meet those people in that higher level.

037 Ernest about a minister who felt the fallout from Unity. May responds that there is nothing like Unity in the entire world. May thinks of Unity as a “lighthouse for the whole world.”

038 Prayer for illumination: “God is in charge of my life. He leads me in right ways and establishes order in all that concerns me.” “Divine order is established in my mind, in my body and in all of my affairs.” Scripture: “I am with you in Spirit, rejoicing to see your good order and the firmness of your faith in Christ” (Col. 2:5).

039 Prayer for healing. Charles Fillmore: “If we desire to demonstrate health we must order this life rightly for if it is not so ordered mental and physical discord will ensue. Lack of orderly arrangement of thoughts is responsible for many delayed demonstrations of healing” (Jesus Christ Heals 117). “I draw upon the life and order of God and my whole being is cleansed and healed.” Respond what Jesus said “I will, be thou made whole” (John 5:6).

040 Prayer for prosperity. “And I will heal them and reveal to them abundance of prosperity.” “I hold to the idea that God’s law of divine order is adjusting and prospering my affairs.”

041 Prayer for peace. “God is in charge of this world.” “He leads us in right ways and establishes peace, order and justice for all.” Justice is “right conditions” or “right answers” for everyone. “God is in charge of the Unity work.”

042 Word of protection. “The light of God surrounds us, the love of God enfolds us, the power of God protects us, the presence of God watches over us. Wherever we are, God is.”

043 Ernest Wilson conclusion. “Let’s just give this the light touch.”