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May Rowland - Healing Workshop - Tape 3

Tape 3 (Segmented and Annotated)

Annotations to audio clips for Healing Workshop October 1972 Harvest Festival Retreat

001 Introduction. “The Healing Workshop” by May Rowland given at the Harvest Festival Retreat on October 20 1972.

002 What is particularly unique about the Unity teaching? The most unique is the Unity method of affirmative prayer. We accept the good that is already here and affirm the truth that it is here.

003 What do we mean by the Silence? The Silence is really just silent prayer. Meditation is the feeling part of the Silence and we move into it by listening.

004 How do we know when we are getting a direct answer? We know it in our feeling nature, especially when we have consecrated ourselves. The Holy Spirit works through our feeling nature.

005 How often should be pray in a day? We should pray constantly. Every time we see something negative, instead of seeing the negative we see a positive answer. We train our mind to do this constantly.

006 How do you think of God? As omnipresent, energy and light. We think of God as the Spirit of omnipresent good.

007 What is the healing? Healing is first, restoring our thought. Think of yourself as a spiritual being - you are spirit, soul and body.

008 What causes illness? We think it is through our wrong thinking that we bring most of our ill health about.

009 Could I have a healing right now? How? Though faith.

010 What is a good affirmation for poor eyesight? A drill for the eyes, “I relax my eyes, and I feel that they are at ease and I see easily, clearly and distinctly and I am not pushing. There is no stress or strain to see.”

011 What is a miracle? A miracle is a natural action of God working through the person. People who have faith have miracles.

012 We you challenged by health while at Silent Unity? No, she was always in good health.

013 Did you ever get tired of praying? No, it’s natural to pray. Silent Unity was organized for the purpose of prayer, not to write letters.

014 Where did Mr Fillmore get his ideas? He got it from his own inner consciousness. It kept coming to him as a revelation.

015 What is the principle upon which Unity works? With God all things are possible. But you have to co-operate.

016 How does Unity look on death? We don’t look on it; we look beyond it. Death is an appearance. We know that the body reincarnates.

017 Are we to be concerned about why things happen? No, causes are too diffused to be able to say what the cause is. We look for results, not causes. We look for perfection.

018 What about a baby that dies young? The baby was a child of God long before it belonged to its parents. There is something that the baby was trying to work out.

019 God is substance but not that which the sense mind calls matter (Keep a True Lent 61).

020 God Christ and Man. We are the creation of God from the beginning, but we don’t know it. Jesus Christ came to show us the way. And man is that creation on its way to its perfect expression of Christ, every one of us.

021 When are we going to get there?

022 Are we making more progress now?

023 Historical Jesus and the Christ Idea. Ernest Wilson comments that many religions are based on a philosophy of the historical Jesus, but that Unity is based on the Christ Idea. May responds that we say that Christ is the principle and that everything works from that principle center in ourselves.

024 The so-called good and evil principles are non-existent outside of the sense mind. There is no principle of evil. May comments on the evil of Nazi extermination camps and North Koreans.

025 Divine love sees no distinctions among persons. The whole world is coming closer to it gradually. We are overcoming war. But it all starts in the individual.

026 You can praise a weak body into strength, a fearful heart into peace and trust, shattered nerves into poise and power (Jesus Christ Heals 137). It’s true, but not if you press too hard. May says sometimes in the middle of the night the words of Jesus come to her: “Come on to me all who labor and who are heavy laden and I will give you rest.” She says it is like the Christ in her is speaking those words to her. Tells the story of Mary Wessel, a teacher in Montana, who found a Bible text “Let the weak say I am strong” and then founded centers all over Montana.

027 Love thy neighbor as thyself. You are the authority in your own body temple.

028 How old are you May? I am eternal!

029 Have faith in the power of your mind to penetrate and release the energy that is pent-up in the atoms of your body (Atom-Smashing Power of Mind 11). You start by knowing that your body is a center of energy and light and substance and intelligence and if you keep telling it that then releases energy within your body and it moves throughout the body in circulation.

030 Will you make some suggestion about high blood pressure. Relaxation is the principle in high blood pressure. A good treatment is to not try to press so hard because your body will take care of you without putting pressure on it. Too many people put pressure on themselves. “Christ is centered in the Christ Mind and nothing can disturb the calm peace of my soul.”

031 Is there a difference between the kingdom of heaven and the kingdom of God. May does not see any difference, although she acknowledges that others do.

032 When is the judgment day? It is everyday and we are the judges! Where is hell and heaven? It’s in your mind.

033 Why do we fret so when we lose a blood relative?

034 Is world communication teaching the Christ principle? Many organizations are teaching truth.

035 Explain the difference between Jesus Christ and the Christ principle.

036 Comment on heredity and reincarnation.

037 Questions about prayer and meditation. Start off in the morning with the prayers in Daily Word.

038 How can I become a vocal witness to the healing power of God? It starts with listening. Your agreement is so important. You must put your feeling into it.

039 Your faith is the sum of the affirmations you have made. Your faith is the pioneering quality of the mind.

040 The fields are white onto harvest. What is the significance of white?

041 Come Ye Apart A While. Where can I get the record?

042 What is the difference between soul and spirit? And mind?

043 How do you begin a treatment?

044 Question about Jesus coming again. Jesus Christ has come. The Christ principle is in every person. Ernest Wilson comments that Unity does not point out the differences in religion, but rather looks for the similarities.

045 Question about what is lacking in healing. Keep right on. Every time you speak a word of truth you are increasing your faith in the idea. And listen to your prayers when you speak them.

046 What do you mean by overcoming death?

047 Question about a healing followed by death. We don’t get out of things by death, but rather we grow out of things in another reincarnation.

048 Why was Jesus born in a generation that did not understand him?

049 Is God in the electrons and protons and if so is he not in matter?

050 Does Unity interfere with membership in another church?

051 Why did Jesus chose the crucifixion? He chose the resurrection.

052 Do you believe we can communicate with the departed? It’s not necessary.

053 Do you see phenomenon in the Silence? No. May feels.

054 How specific should you get when you pray? It depends on what you want. “Ask whatsoever ye will, and it shall be done unto you” (John 15:7 ASV). Anything? Yes. But not necessarily for a specific person. Ask for companionship. “Through the divine law of attraction, I attract into my life just the person who can make my life complete and full and happy and prosperous.” “I thank you God for right companionship.” Funny story from Charles Fillmore about a woman who prayed for six weeks for a husband and it took six years to get rid of him.

055 Does Unity believe that there is an incurable disease? No. “With God all things are possible” (Matt. 19:26).

056 Healing meditation. “I am relaxed, peaceful, confident.” “God inspires my thoughts, words and actions.” “I am calm, serene, relaxed.” “I am peaceful in mind and in body.” “I am the light of the world (John 8:12), ye are the light of the world.” “All power is given unto me in mind and in body.” “I am not bound in personal consciousness, I am free with a freedom of Spirit.” “My yoke is easy, my burden is light.” “I am strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.” “The joy of the Lord is my strength.” “There is nothing to fear, I breathe the breath of life freely and easily.” “The forgiving love of Jesus Christ sets me free from all mistakes of the past and the results of mistakes of the past.” “God’s love flows freely in and through me, cleansing, healing and restoring.” “I am the ever renewing, the ever unfolding expression of joyous life.” “I am young, strong, healthy. My body knows it, my body shows it.” “Thy words are a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.” “I walk in paths of peace and righteousness.” Note: see information about this Healing Meditation and A Drill in the Silence.